First visit expectations:

Fill out new patient paperwork or download and fill out forms before your appointment.


This is the time to meet Dr. Cristina Bradley. She will conduct a history on your current and past health conditions. Here we will also talk about your goals with care. Then decide if Chiropractic is right for you.


An examination consists of a spinal exam, which uses range of motion, orthopedic tests, and muscle testing. These help Dr. Cristina figure out the best plan for her patients. If needed, we will also take X‐Rays to see what is going on with your spine.

2nd Visit Expectations:

If X‐Rays were taken, Dr. Cristina will review them with you during this visit as well as a detailed plan of action for treatment. Once you receive your adjustment you will schedule your next couple of visits to continue your care to meet your health goals.

The first and second visit can run up to an hour. Visits after that will be about 10‐15 minutes.

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